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Our Language Program 

Our Language Program uses curriculum developed by recognized professionals and according to the standards and guidelines of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). 

We teach in a progressive immersion environment and, our curriculums incorporate two key methodologies: The Natural Approach to learning a language in which children will learn Spanish the way they learned their mother tongue and Total Physical Response in which students will show comprehension by giving a physical response to a question asked or given a command.  Not all children learn the same way.

The way we teach language allows for students to have a gradual progression in a linguistically appropriate fashion (depending on their age and abilities).  

All our teachers are native speakers coming from very different countries and professional backgrounds. They are all college graduates and accomplished professionals in their native countries.  This gives you an idea of the high quality of their language and how knowledgeable they are about the customs and traditions all around the world.

We respect and embrace cultural diversity. Our students are not limited to the language but, we also make the respective culture a vital part of the learning experience.

Our program follows each School District and each school calendar, including minimum days and conference week dismissal policies. 

·  We have small classes (15-20 students)
·  All our teachers are CPR/First Aid certified, background checked and fingerprinted. 
·  Most importantly, we love what we do; teaching language and culture (Spanish, French, Mandarin).

Class names, days price: 
No class on minimum days, parent/teacher conference week or holidays. Please, follow your School District's calendar.

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