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Children's language programs are rapidly gaining in popularity as parents realize that teaching a second language to their kids helps enhance their cognitive development, resulting in better grades and higher test scores later in life. Parents are also drawn to increasing their children's cultural awareness to help them succeed in our multicultural society.
In our World Language enrichment classes, children would experience all the magic the world has to offer while immersed in Spanish or French! Our program offers a fun and animated learning environment and encourages students to interact with each other in each language.  Built around daily routines and activities, young people experience a boost in their language skills and cultural experiences without realizing that they’re learning. It’s just a natural process. How do we do it? We use storytelling, role play, movement, age-appropriate games, music and other playful and educational activities making learning fun, interactive and interesting.
Participants will not only acquire new language skills, but it is also our goal that students continue to share and be curious after they leave the classroom. Parents should expect their child to flaunt his or her newly acquired storytelling, games and songs skills at home and everywhere else.

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